Saturday, September 8, 2007

Couch Potato September 8th - Block A

For the Block A games (12-3 EST), I'll be giving the "LAST CHANNEL" button a good workout. My main channel will be ABC with:

Miami @ Oklahoma

12:11 EST: Loud as hell "Boomer Sooner" during the pregame build up. That cheer is one of the two or three best in college football.

12:20 EST: I know it's early, but the Sooners offense looks good against one of the most talented defenses in the nation. Murray, Patrick, and Brown are interchangeable and they take a lot of pressure off Bradford.

12:27 EST: Nice pitch and catch for a touchdown for the Sooners. Bradford's audible shows he's wise beyond his rFr years. Malcolm Kelly is underrated.

12:38 EST: Completely horrible breakdown on punt attempt for OU. He recovers it 7 years later, at their own 8. Do you possibly kick it out of the endzone there?

12:43 EST: Big hold for the Sooners. Kept Miami to a field goal, and keeps my early hopes for a final score under 43 in line.

12:51 EST: Another touchdown for Kelly from Bradford, 14-3 OU in the 1st quarter. My under of 43 might get smashed.

1:07 EST: Another touchdown for OU, on a fumble return. Under review, still a touchdown. My U43 is toast, I guarantee it.

1:40 EST: Touchdown Miami. Kyle Wright needs to be their full fledged starter. Enough musical chairs. 21-10, almost halftime. Only 12 points below my U43 wager. Crap.

2:30 EST: Touchdown Oklahoma to make it 28-13. If anybody scores, I lose. With 7:22 left in the 3rd quarter, I kiss that money goodbye.

2:49 EST: Oklahoma FG, 31+13=44>43. UGH, this was one of my more confident wagers. We'll bounce back. 4th quarter starting, this one is basically over.

Secondary channel:
Nebraska @ Wake Forest

12:12 EST: I have a wager on this game, so it brings my interest up a bit more. I think Wake is a fraud, considering last season they were +5 in close games, and I'm fading them against any good team this year, regardless of venue.

12:31 EST: Wake's offense looks better than I expected. Micah Andrews has great vision and patience. Nebraska had a poor pass defense last year, but Wake doesn't scream "pass happy" in any language.

1:01 EST: Uggggh, get that in the endzone Huskers! FG good, 6-3 Nebraska. Missed opportunity.

1:12 EST: Wake goes ahead 10-6 in the 2nd quarter. My Block A wagers aren't looking so hot right now.

1:34 EST: Touchdown Huskers! Beautiful throw from Keller, 13-10 Nebraska going into half. Good momentum shifter for my bet. :)

2:22 EST: Wake TD, then Nebraska touchdown to make it 20-17. Really was confident about Nebraska -8, but they'll need to improve their play over the last 23 minutes of the game for that to happen.

2:37 EST: Keller throws an interception. Excellent. I might go 0-4 this morning.

3:29 EST: Nebraska gets lucky to win this game, and I'm unlucky to not cover. Nebraska did not look good today, and the Missouri game might be ugly.

Random Other Thoughts in Block A:

12:27 EST: Akron safety! tOSU's OL was owned on that play. Weird.

12:32 EST: Marshall is holding WVU to 6 points with 1:51 left in the 1st half. What .. the ... hell? Marshall gave up 31 to Miami, who, until they prove otherwise, is an average offense.

12:41 EST: Marshall leads West Virginia 13-6 at halftime. That's insane! The Mountaineers will get it figured out, though, and probably win by 14+.

12:58 EST: Alabama with an early 10-0 lead. I've told everybody I can that Alabama will beat Vandy pretty handily. I have Alabama -3.

1:03 EST: West Virginia ties it up early in the 3rd quarter. Both teams are tossing it around, rather than working the ground game.

1:44 EST: Buffalo killing Temple, which is good for my wallet. And yes, if you wager, then CARE about Buffalo at Temple, you're in too much.

2:25 EST: WVU, close to a final, is killing Marshall by 25+. If that holds up, they'll cover. I called it correctly at halftime.

2:50 EST: Colorado State should be up 14-7 right now on Cal, but it's 7-7. CSU is giving Cal fits.

3:28 EST: At halftime, Cal leads Colorado State 17-14. This game seems just like Tennessee-Air Force last season. An emotional letdown for the Bears?

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