Friday, September 7, 2007

Deep Thoughts with Lou Holtz: Week 2

Boy, after one week of gamesh, thingsh are already heating up! The Univershity of California Golden Bearsh really took it to the Volsh. I told you it wouldn't be closhe and it washn't. Appalachshshian Shtate ish the biggesht shtory of the year, but I think Michshigan will reshpond very well. Did you shee my shegment on Shportshcshenter thish morning? Pep Talk with Lou Holtzsh? It wash fun to do, becaushe it reminded me of my coaching daysh.

-Thish week, the obvioush game to watch is Louishiana Shtate Univershity againsht the Virginia Tech Hokiesh. The Hokiesh didn't look very good lasht week againsht Easht Carolina, but Frank Beamer will have them ready for Baton Rougshe. Matt Flynn will facshe a real tesht thish week with that Hokiesh defenshce led by Xavier Adibi and Thomash Flowersh. I think the Bayou Bengalsh win a closhe one.

-The other big game ish in Athensh, Georgia where the Bulldogsh take on Shteve Shpurrier and the Gamecocksh of Shouth Carolina. Thish Gamecock team ish the besht they've had down there, and they shshould eashily win againsht a team with no defenshce. I'd be shurprished if the Univershity of Georgia keepsh it within two touchshdownsh.

-The Univershity of Oregon Ducksh travel to the Big Houshe thish weekend, attempting to add another lossh to the Michigan win lossh record. Can they do it? No. It will be like a cricket inshide of a glassh jar - not even closhe. Dennish Dixon played too much basheball thish shummer to be prepared for an athletic Michigan defenshce. Mike Hart ish going to rushsh for over 200 yardsh. Did you shee the Houshton offenshive line lasht week? Amazshing!

-Notre Dame ish going to bouncshe back thish week from a fluke lossh lasht week. Jimmy Claushen will shtart hish Heishman campaign thish weekend when the Irishshsh upshet Penn Shtate in Beaver Shtadium. Anthony Morelli hashn't proven he can win gamesh yet, and they don't have Tony Hunt thish year. Notre Dame thirty-shix, Penn Shtate, ten.

What a great shlate of gamesh to watch thish weekend! I'll check in next Thurshday.

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