Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Money Making Monday: Labor Day Holiday Edition

I'm back from Berkeley and still feeling a bit tired. When you travel to see your team lose, it's taxing on your emotions. I did find time last night to place some wagers for the week, and this week will be heavier than last week, I expect. Right now, four plays for you to read about.

Nebraska (-8) @ Wake Forest
It's no secret that I think the Deacons are going to have a losing record and finish 5th or 6th in their division. I told myself to fade this team early until the rest of the country caught up. Nebraska did beat a typically solid Nevada team, but that Wolfpack team played awful. The Huskers are better than the Deacs at almost every position, and the home field advantage is average for Wake. Lastly, Nebraska is better than Boston College by a few points, as well.

Kent State @ Kentucky (-13)
I've made a point to say that Kentucky could regress a bit this season, possibly into bowl-less land. However, as decent a mid-major as Kent is, Kentucky is going to rack up points in this one. I like the over, and I'll end up adding that, too. My only only worry is that Kentucky could be looking ahead to Louisville next week. Kent beat Iowa State last week, but the Cyclones are nowhere near dynamic on offense as the Wildcats.

Boise State (-3) @ Washington
You can find this at -2' at some sites, but not any that I have money at. Boise State is still a very good team, but aren't being touted as much as last season. Washington, who I think could still finish last in the Pac 10, looked very good (at least in comparison to their usual play) at Syracuse, but Boise State is like ... a stratosphere better than them. This one is a bit of a gut play, which is good. Last week, I passed on a lot of gut plays, and many of them would have made me money. I believe this line is a bit of a reaction to Washington playing their best game in years. Overreact much?

Alabama (-3)
@ Vanderbilt
In sports betting, I'll snap a man's neck, then stab him in the thigh with a pen if he ever says a game is a "lock." That word is only used by touts who want to steal your money. No game is ever a lock (coughAPPYSTATEcough), and I'll never tell you I have a lock. Ever. However, I will say that sometimes I'm quite confident about a certain wager. Sometimes I lose those. This is one where my confidence level is really high. Fans still remember Alabama going 6-7, and Vegas knows it. Alabama is a different team, mostly because of Saban. Their attitude is different, which is more important than anything else. This game has been close the last few seasons, but I think the Tide wins by 10 or more.

Indiana (PK) @ Western Michigan

Air Force @ Utah (-7')

Miami @ Oklahoma U43

Southern Miss @ Tennessee O50

Kent State @ Kentucky O51

UAB @ Florida State U51'

Nevada @ Northwestern U53

Toledo (+3) @ Central Michigan

Buffalo (+3') @ Temple

Mississippi State (-6) @ Tulane
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