Saturday, September 8, 2007

Couch Potato September 8th - Block B

Main Game:
Oregon @ Michigan
3:33 EST: No wagers on this game, because, who in the hell knows what to expect. Half the people say Michigan will be fired up. The other half are focusing on last week's Appy State loss and Oregon's defense getting pushed around by Oregon. The over of 64.5 seems reasonable, but I'm staying away from this game like Mark Mangino stays away from salads.

3:42 EST: Chad Henne is awful. Awful like es cargo. Awful like Ann Coulter. One route in the entire play, and he throws it into double coverage. The return on the INT was 60 yards. I have the Ducks finishing 2nd in the Pac 10, so I'd like for them to give me some confidence today.

3:44 EST: Jon Stewart battles his way to the 1, after multiple plays from Oregon's offense that already show you that the Wolverines are awful on defense.

3:50 EST: Big mistake not scoring from the 1. FG good for a 3-0 lead. They will regret those 4 points lost. Dennis Dixon is going to shred Michigan today ... like a block of cheddar cheese.

4:01 EST: Adrian Arrington FLOATED! Like ... David Blaine style floated. Henne with the smart throw, but Arrington FLOATED! He went up and got it with his momentum taking him out of bounds, but he levitated and got a foot in bounds easily. Neither of these teams can play a lick of defense.

4:14 EST: Oregon is pwning the Michigan defense. That is all.

4:19 EST: Oregon misses FG. That's now 7 points they screwed themselves out of.

4:41 EST: Oregon goes for it on 4th and 2 when they could have easily taken the FG. They score, to make it 18-7 with the PAT. This game could easily be 24-10 right now, but some missed FGs from both teams, and a 1st and GL at the 1 wasted by Oregon. In the 2nd quarter, it's clear that Michigan will need to score almost every possession to win this game. The defense stinks like spoiled milk.

4:59 EST: I'm not sure I can find more ways to tell you how awful this Michigan defense is. Oregon touchdown on a FAKE statue of liberty. It's now 25-7, and Michigan has shown ZERO ability to stop a versatile offense. Michigan can't fix the defense - it's that bad. They might lose 6 games because of it. It's an embarrassment.

5:06 EST: Holyyyyy crap. Another Oregon touchdown, 1 play, 7,000 yard pass, nobody close to the receiver. 32-7 Oregon with 3:03 left in the FIRST HALF! Lloyd Carr might not make it through the season. Seriously. These fans are booing, and mostly booing HIM, during the 2nd game of the season. If he makes it through January 1st as head coach, it won't be a day longer than that before he's fired. His players aren't fighting for him, regardless of what they say. Just watch Arrington or Manningham near the sidelines. They step out of bounds without any kind of tackle pressure. The Wolverines this year are mentally weak, and should be ashamed of themselves.

5:13 EST: There it is again. A subtle piece of evidence that Michigan is so poorly coached. Or have idiot players. Henne scrambles out of the pocket, has around 5 yards ahead of him, but runs laterally at the LOS so he can throw it. Everyone is covered, so he steps out of bounds FOR A LOSS OF TWO. Unbelievable.

Secondary Game:
NC State @ Boston College (for now)
3:48 EST: Boston College has it all on offense. If their defense can maintain this intensity all season long and continue to create turnovers, they'll be in the hunt for an ACC Title. Tons of football to play, though.

Random Other Thoughts in Block B:

3:53 EST: Washington takes a quick lead over Boise State 7-0. I have the Broncos -3, sooooo let's hope that isn't a sign to come.

4:15 EST: Crap, Boise State is down two touchdowns already to Washington. I told myself to quit playing small, road favorites. I never learn.

4:58 EST: Washington is a different team this season. I know Syracuse is nothing special, but Boise State is a quality opponent this year. Locker is a stud, and my money for THAT game is going to be gone.

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