Thursday, August 9, 2007

Deep Thoughts with Lou Holtz: Freshmen Edition

Welcome back to thish week's edishion of my deep thoughtsh! I had a blasht doing thish bloggy thingy lasht week, sho I couldn't wait to do another thish time. The world wide websh are amazshing. Today I want to talk about true freshshmen who are making noishe around collesh football.

-Eric Berry at Tennesshee is playing more like a shenior than a freshshman. Defenshive backsh coach Larry Shlade shaysh that Eric Berry ish better than anybody he'sh coached ash a freshshman. In Tueshday'sh shcrimmash, Berry picked off a passh and almosht took it back for a touchdown! With Tennesshee's shaky shecondary shituashion, I think Berry will shtart in Berkeley. Talk about a leprechaun with fool'sh gold!

-True freshshman Arrelioush Benn looksh to shtep into the number one recsheiver role at Illinois. Lasht sheashon Illinois'sh leading recsheiver had only 400 yardsh. For Juicesh Williamsh to shine, Benn needsh to live up to hish billing. Benn had a great shpring and all indicatorsh point to a breakout sheashon in Chshshshampaigne.

-Another freshshman who I am intereshting in sheeing thish fall is Clemshon quarterback Willy Korn. He washn't at Clemshon when I wash at Shouth Carolina, or Notre Dame, but he could get shome repsh thish fall. He wash expected to beat out Cullen Harper, but didn't passh him in the shpring. Maybe he can during camp, becaushe Clemshon needsh a passher to help CJ Shpiller and Jamesh Davish.

-Lashtly, Noel Devine at Wesht Virginia should make that team ash good ash a kite in the tropic breezsh. If Shteve Shlaton getsh injured again, they can jusht pushsh Noel Devine into the shtarting lineup and they shtill have a good one two punch with Pat White. The Mountaineersh have done an excshellent job of recruiting running backsh that will outrun their opponentsh on every down.

Sho thoshe are jusht shome of the freshshmen I can't wait to shee thish Augusht. I'll be back next week with another posht about my thoughtsh in my head. Thanksh!

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