Friday, July 11, 2008

Javon Ringer: Darkhorse for Heisman?

Every year, there are a handful of players that have the stats to be considered preseason Heisman candidates, but the major media outlets don't mention them. Thus, the average Joe fans don't warm up to them. Last season, I mentioned Rashard Mendenhall and Jon Stewart should be considered Heisman candidates, and they went out and had marvelous seasons (and still got no Heisman love). I thought what Rashard Mendenhall did was more impressive than what Colt Brennan did. That's a different entry, though.

This is all about my 2008 dark horse, Javon Ringer. The kid had an incredible 2007 campaign, and NOBODY is talking about it. In 2007, he racked up 1,447 yards, but did it on only 245 carries. For the math-disabled, that's 5.91 yards per carry - more than Beanie Wells, Ray Rice, Mike Hart, Tashard Choice, LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Knowshon Moreno, Steve Slaton, and a boatload of other great BCS conference running backs. Only Felix Jones, Mendenhall, Stewart, and Jamaal Charles ran for more ypc with over 200 carries from a BCS school. Ringer also had 35 receptions for 295 yards, so he has some versatility to his game.

In 2006, Ringer gained only 497 yards because he only had 86 carries. Why? Because he missed 5 games. He still had a sick 5.78 ypc. The year before, he had 122 carries for 817 yards - another disgusting ypc average of 6.7. It seems like Ringer has been the victim of toolittlecarryitis - that's a technical term, just trust me.

So, why isn't he being touted? Why isn't he receiving daily e-blows from fans on message boards? I truly don't know why - I have ideas, though.

1. The better known, but worse running back, Beanie Wells is in his conference, and plays for one of the wet dream teams of ESPN.
2. Average college football fans (the majority of football fans are average fans), don't do their own research.
3. He plays for Michigan State.

Here's a guy who has averaged over 6.1 yards per carry for his entire year. He finally got a nice amount of carries last season, and still kept the sick average up. His team is also on the right paper track to having a good 2008 - around 8 wins, maybe 9. He'll be JUST like Mendenhall and Stewart. People will notice him too late for the Heisman, but not too late for a 1st round draft pick.

Mark it down now - Javon Ringer is the best running back in the Big 10, and barring injury, you'll know it by week 6.


You Know said...

You might want to do some off the field investigative reporting, because he has displayed LOTS of "roid" rage behavior! That's why I seriously doubt he'll go far!

bgimey said...

hey you know, you don't know anything. keep paying attention to off-field crap published by you don't know who. I have been screaming that Javon will be the best back in the big ten maybe the country for a while now he had ,I believe 88 carries last year Jaheu Calcrick or how ever you spell it was given his senior spot ahead of then junior Ringer because he paid his dues. Javon did no complaining about it he just took his opperatunity when it presented himself. this kid will bust out 100+ yards in every game he plays in now, because he doesnt have to split carries this year. it is his year. So stopo hating you know cause you sound like a whiney U of M fan who knows Michigan is in for the crappiest season ever. you guys ran lloyd out of town wanting Bo back. guess what Bo never brought a title home and Lloyd did. Go State and M-go blow

-Football God
Javon for heisman

Geordon said...

Good call on Ringer, though you didn't give the media enough credit. Here is it, Week #3, and Javon is already the #1 RB on the Heisman watch.