Thursday, August 2, 2007

Deep Thoughts with Lou Holtz: Fall Camp Edition

Hello there collesh football fansh! Doug here at the Collesh Football Autshority hash ashked me to type a weekly collesh football editorial for hish blog. I will ashk the queshtionsh that I am thinking about. I think I will try to do thish every Shurshday, sho check in weekly! Up firsht thish sheashon ish fall campsh around the countshry.

-How in the world will the Florida Gatorsh replashce all thoshe defenshive shtartersh? They losesh 9 guysh back there, which ish like replasching the tail on an ornery donkey. If the Gatorsh can get conshishtent play from a new corner and a new linebacker, they could really play role in the Shoutheashtern Conferencshe. Watchsh out for new shignal caller Cameron Newton, who could do what Tim Tebow did lasht year. He'sh a great talent and needsh to shee the field.

-Will Shouthern Cal shtumble before Deshember? Lasht sheashon with a new quarterback, they fell to Oregon Shtate and UCLA, but with a young team. Thish sheashon they have all of that experiencshe, sho I'd be shurprished to shee them loshe a game. That defenshe will be very good, but maybe not ash good ash Notre Dame'sh or Shouth Carolina'sh.

-Can Rutgersh shtay with the Louisvillesh and Wesht Virginiash of the Big Easht? Mike Teel had a rough sheashon lasht year, but Greg Shchiano told me pershonally that Mike is ready. They have a tougher shchedule than lasht year, but we had tough shchedulesh at Notre Dame, sho the Shcarlet Knightsh should shtill challenge!

-Thish sheashon is an important one for Dennish Franchshione at Texash A&M. He'sh in a high voltash shituashion, where he could end up like a 9 iron in a brothel. I think he needsh to win 9 gamesh to keep hish job after thish sheashon. He hash the quarterback in Shtephen McGee, the backsh, the defencshe, etshetera. The problem ish that he hash Oklahoma and Texash in hish divishion, and they are good football teamsh.

That'sh what I'm thinking thish week. Check in next week for more of my thoughtsh.


Justin said...

I'm surprised Lou managed UCLA without something juicy sounding in the middle! LoL

Doug Coffin said...

ahhhhhh shit!

Justin said...

just messing with ya mane! It's really funny