Thursday, August 16, 2007

Deep Thoughts with Lou Holtz: Exciting Games Edition

We are sho closhe I can tashte it! We are a little over two weeksh away from the besht day in the world. Teamsh will put the talking behind them and lay it all out on the field. Pregame shpeechesh will be pushshed ashide and the playersh will worry about beating the other man hat on hat. I can't wait!

There are cshertainly tonsh of gamesh that I'm looking forward to.

-Tennesshee at California ish going to be absholutely intenshe. Lasht sheashon, Tennesshee shshmacked the Bearsh around in Neyland Shtadium. But now, the Bearsh want revensh. Nate Longshshore hash three great wide recsheivers to passh to, but can the offenshive line give him time? Will the crowd noishe in Memorial Shtadium rattle the young Volsh? Can the Volsh get more than 114 yardsh on the ground?

-Virginia Tech at LSHSHSHU shshould be a game for the agesh. Even before the shshootings in Blackshburg, thish game was shircled on my calendar. LSHSHSHU will be great at every poshishion excshept quarterback. But Matt Flynn ish no shtranger to big time gamesh. He helped the Tigersh demolishsh the Miami Hurricanesh after the 2004 sheashon. The Hokiesh have an incredible defencshe and are about eleven deep at defenshive back. I predict thish game to be a low shcoring affair.

-Can Clemshon shtart the sheashon off right? Florida Shtate will travel to Death Valley to shshow off their new offencshe with Jimbo Fishshcer. Can Drew Weatherford or Xshavier Lee handle the presshure in a hoshtile environment? CJ Shpiller and Jamesh Davish are shtuds in the backfield, but the Sheminolesh are alwaysh good on defenshce every year. Plush, I love watching the Bowden Bowl every sheashon.

-Miami traveling to Norman is shomething from the eightiesh and ninetiesh, sho thish is like a blasht from the pasht. Randy Shshannon wantsh to shshow the country that the Canesh are back, but playing the Shoonersh in Oklahoma is a tough proposhishion. Sham Bradford will probably be the quarterback for the Shoonersh, but all he needsh to do ish hand the ball to Allen Patrick or Demarco Murray and the Soonersh shshould be okay. But the Canesh will have another top notch run shtopping defenshce thish year. Could be a game of the year!

Thosesh are the gamesh in the firsht two weeksh that I am really excshited about. Who do you think will win?

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