Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OU Loses Schollies; or Tulsa Thanks the Lord

Everyone has already covered the punishment for Oklahoma handed down today by the NCAA. Message board Sooners were outraged, blogging Sooners were thankful. The Associated Press reported that the Sooners will lose two scholarships for two more seasons, through 2010. They also must erase their 8 victories from 2005, their worst season of this decade. Around the Great Plains, wretched football programs rejoice. Now, Baylor, Tulsa, Southern Methodist, and Kansas have a better chance at picking up a 3 star player from the region. WATCH OUT MID MAJORS!

"When reached on his cell phone, Quinn said he did not pay any attention to the infractions committee's ruling on Oklahoma, calling it "dumb" and referring to it with an expletive."

Classy fellow right there. He breaks the rules, gets money for nothing, gets kicked out of school, tarnishes his name and his former school, yet doesn't care and deflects? Is he from Alabama? I keed, I keed. I wonder what Rhett Bomar has to say about all of it now?

Seriously, this decision doesn't effect Oklahoma at all. Everyone will remember that hey were 8-4 in 2005. The scholarships they are losing would have gone to projects, not 5 star stud tailbacks. Bob Stoops will still be able to hang his hat on an amazing record. This does pave the way for an interesting situation for USC and their possible violations. If the allegations are true, then USC could see their 2004 record stripped, and possibly their National Title.

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Replicant said...

I'm not all that upset about the punishment; what does bother me is the way the NCAA looks into some programs and ignores others. We'll see if anything ever comes from the USC stuff--the NCAA might not look into that like they would if it happened at another school. I guess asking an organization such as the NCAA to be consistent in ANYTHING they do would be too much to dream of, right?