Monday, July 2, 2007

NCAA Reconsidering Text Ban

The Associated Press is reporting that "the NCAA will reconsider three rules, including one that bans coaches from sending text messages to recruits, at its Aug. 9 board of directors meeting."

Honestly, I have very little to say about the actual story, but I wanted an excuse to create some more fake "real texts" from coaches to players. I see it as a neverending mana pool of hilarity. Then again, I'm easily amused, and you readers out there might find it less than funny. Regardless, here are some I've been lucky enough to see:

"u can come join us n b part of teh angelz at USC n maybe c my buddy will ferel ... we can get u a house or cashmoniez or wutever .... hit me up d00d"

">:O y u throwin da ball their? thats teh kind a coachin i give ya yup teh ol ball coach tells ya where 2 throw it jus sling it round"

"yarrrrrrr me matey dun u want 2 livez with out scurviez!?11?!~ we pillagez teh villagez which is a cymbal 4 winning ballgamez~!!@ we hunt 4 hidden treazures which r touchdwons!"

"2 wurds $$$$$$$$$$"


Those are just some of the classics I've happen to come across, you know, during my years of being recruited by every program anywhere. I hope they reinstate text messages as a means of communication. As we've all seen with the Houston Nutt Chronicles, we could possibly see the REAL texts that REAL coaches send. I think it'd be amazingly hilarious to see what kind of texting approaches these coaches take. Is Jim Tressel a phonetic guy, a punctuation guy? WHO KNOWS?! I'd like to, though.

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