Monday, July 9, 2007

Denver is a Good City

I'm back from Denver, back into the daily grind of advertising sales from 8-5 daily, and back to waiting for 50-some-odd days until our first college football Saturday. The waiting is killing me, but at this point, it feels better than say - 20 days. At 20 days, it's so close you can taste it, but you still have to wait 3 weeks.

Anyway, slow news days right now, so I should be able to post the Big East APP Breakdown and make some headway on the Swing Players series. But not right now, real work is in the way. Of course, I'm wasting all this precious time by catching up on the hundreds of blogs I read, as well as typing this entry.

Where to start ...

Smart Football has a great, lengthy entry on the death of the Run and Shoot offense ... The Wizard of Odds started an interesting series showcasing different programs' season posters ... SMQ has intertubes problems, so my favorite blog is down for now ... Dawg Sports and Roll Bama Roll have posted (or begun posting) their list for their teams' respective toughest games ... EDSBS (as everyone knows already) pulled the wool over someone, and that someone is actually two idiotic guys.

Really slow time right now, but the onslaught will be coming from all of us bloggers across the country very soon. I can feel it!

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