Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Frank Broyles Wins an Award?!

The Associated Press is reporting that Arkansas lame duck Athletic Director Frank Broyles will be the recipient of the NACDA-NIT Athletic Directors Award. Frank Broyles. At Arkansas. Does not compute.

Seriously, Frank Broyles? Sure, he's retiring, but if retirement is merit enough for such a prestigious award, then why didn't my grandfather win Coach of the Year in 2001? Of course, my grandfather didn't coach football, but the analogy is pretty accurate. I mean, c'mon! Frank Broyles getting an award for Athletic Director achievement is like Ed Orgeron winning an award for achievement in eloquence.

In other news, some other award winners were announced today:

NCAA Loyalty Award - Nick Saban

NCAA Normal Human Being Award - Mike Leach

NCAA Achievement in Physical Fitness Award - Mark Mangino

NCAA Accurate Analysis Award - Brent Musburger

NCAA Good Samaritan Award - Florida Gators

NCAA Achievement in Facility Excellence Award - Hawaii Warriors

NCAA Clean Program Award - (tie) USC Trojans and Oklahoma Sooners

Seriously, I could probably do this all day.

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